Veteran Care Solutions, LLC is an SBA certified Service - Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that is based in New York. We are a reliable supplier of PPE manufactured in the USA.

About us

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Our team consists of manufacturing, logistics and customer service experts who work together to ensure we provide the best customer experience that delivers quality, safety, and value. Our products are made in the USA with all source materials manufactured in the USA. This ensures timely, reliable, and interruption-free supply chain of essential PPE products.


Product List


· Surgical Face Mask ASTM Level 3

· Surgical Face Mask ASTM Level 2

· Surgical Face Mask ASTM Level 1

· Surgical Face Mask Kids ASTM Level 2

· KN95 Respirator

· N95 Respirator NIOSH (Cup/Fold)

· Powered Air Purifying Respirator

· Surgical Gloves Gowns(disposable)

· AAMI Level 1 Gowns (disposable)

· AAMI Level 2 Gowns (disposable)

· AAMI Level 3 Gowns (reusable)

· AAMI Level 1 Gowns (reusable)

· AAMI Level 2 Gowns (reusable)

· AAMI Level 3 Bouffant Cap (disposable)

· Shoe Covers (disposable)

*Specifications for each category is available upon request.


Nina Bektic - Veteran Care Solutions

Quality Director

Angel Gerena - Veteran Care Solutions

Owner/Executive Director

Nkem Joseph - Veteran Care Solutions

Safety Director

Rachel Rothenberg Goldatech - MWBE

Co-Founder / CEO

Jennifer Restrepo - Veteran Care Solutions

Logitics Director

Lee Mornan - Altor Safety Sales

Sales / Marketing Director

Alexandra Baylis - Goldatech - MWBE

Co-Founder / COO

Alessandra Dean - Goldatech - MWBE

Production Director

Michael McCabe - Altor Safety

Production Manager

Thomas Allen - Altor Safety

Managing Partner

Jeremy Kenimer - RPB / GVS

PAPR Supply

Alan Rust - SafeSource Direct

Glove Supply


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3280 Sunrise Hwy #55 Wantagh,
NY 11793, USA